Freedom isn’t free if you’re still counting macros

magazinesIn high school I kept a notebook with all of the magazine clippings that I thought would change my life. I cut and pasted (literally) recipes, the perfect leg workout, makeup tips, bikini wax guides… all of the things that promised me freedom. 

Freedom from hating my body

Freedom from sticking out in a crowd full of thin people

Freedom from feeling like I wasn’t good enough

Freedom from being embarrassed by how I looked

I spent the next decade going from diet to diet. Each one promised me freedom, yet left me miserable. 

- Cut out all sugar

- Don’t eat meat

- Don’t eat carbs

- Eat 6 small meals of protein and carbs every day

- the zone diet

- the paleo diet

- Vegan, gluten free, juice fasting, lemonade cleanses.. you name it

- IIFYM – meaning, counting calories, grams of protein, carbs, and fats… 

Each time I started a new plan I thought I had found freedom. “This is it. This is the one that will make it all work.” 

But instead of freedom, each way of eating enslaved me, forced me to live a life that was full of rules, obsessions, and neuroticism. 

Freedom doesn’t come from following a plan. It doesn’t come from giving your power over to the diet gurus. It doesn’t come from having a perfect body.

Freedom comes from creating a life that feels natural, enjoyable, and gives you the opportunity to feel amazing in your own body.

You deserve freedom. 

Join me next Wedneday to create your own freedom. (it’s FREE!) 

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