Is there actually a weight loss book worth reading?

328_minIf you’re like me, you probably love reading. And if you’re like me, you probably hate that one of your favorite topics, health and nutrition, has so little that is actually worth reading.

Well, I’m here to share some good news, there actually IS a weight loss book that is worth reading. I’ve been reading an awesome book that I think everyone can benefit from, and I want to tell you more about it today.

You see, I’ve read many, many diet books in my day. And here’s the thing with diet books, you can almost predict exactly what they are going to say, with just a few small variations. 

Typical diet book part 1: The scapegoat —  First, the author spends 90% of the book describing why everyone else is wrong about weight loss, blaming your high school health teacher for mentioning the word calories, discussing why carrots were never healthy in the first place (because carbs), and blaming the government nutritional guidelines for why we are all fat. So you feel like a failure because you believed the stupid government. (fun fact, virtually no one actually followed the guidelines after they came out, so there’s really no way to blame the food pyramid). 

Typical diet book part 2: The miracle cure — with what remaining few pages are left, the author then crams as many crazy food rules as possible, backed by shady science, to make you believe that they have found the holy grail of weight loss. If you just overhaul your entire life to make this diet possible, then and only then will you be successful in losing weight. And they make all these crazy rules sound so… well, normal. Then you feel like a failure because, this might sound crazy, but you just don’t want your life to revolve around your diet. 

Typical diet book part 3: The unbelievable success stories —  And by unbelievable I mean literally not believable. “Joe lost 200 pounds in 2 months and kept it off. You can do it to if you just follow this ultra strict super simple”…. yeah, so once again you feel like a failure because “if Joe can lose 200 pounds in 2 months, why am I struggling with 15 pounds?”

Typical diet book part 4: The no excuses pep talk — The book always ends with a short but sweet pep talk on why you have to be 100% perfect in order to get the results you want. They throw in some motivational quotes, maybe some Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar, just to get you feeling pumped up, like “yeah, I really can do this”… then a week later you feel like a failure because you couldn’t stick to their insane rules of eating. 

Ugh. It makes me sick. Seriously people, diet books ruin lives.

And this is why I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED that Georgie Fear’s book Lean Habits is ALMOST HERE!

Because this book is different

Lean-Habits-Cover-400x600A) It is not a diet book — 

Really, this is the first book I’ve read actually IS based on long term lifestyle change—The kind of change that will really allow you to lose weight permanently. There are plenty of books out there that say “this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle,” but what they really mean to say is “your diet has to become your new lifestyle”… um, no thanks? 

Lean Habits is a book that teaches you how to eat well in the real world, and doesn’t expect you to change your world to follow a set of strict guidelines. 

B) It is packed with useable guidelines and advice –

Diet books spend most of the book trying to convince the reader that they are right while everyone else is wrong, and then spend one chapter giving advice that could be compacted into a short pamphlet at best. Georgie skips the rhetoric and goes straight to giving incredibly actionable advice.

C) It won’t leave you feeling like a failure — 

Some diet books will make you feel completely inadequate by the time you’re done reading the book, and the rest will do so by the time you realize you can’t keep up with the crazy rules and restrictions. 

Lean habits is no such thing. It gives you a plan, encouragement, and just enough tough love to really take charge of your health and weight… no feelings of inadequacy required. 

D) It is applicable to real life –

Unlike diet books, there is no 100% perfection requirement here.

So Georgie and I sat down (well, figuratively, since we are actually thousands of miles away) to give you an exclusive sneak peak inside lean habits. Check it out: 

Alternate audio download link

Here’s what’s in this audio: 

0:31— what makes this book different from all the weight loss books out there

1:30 — why one habit at a time?

3:47 — the difference between Lean Habits and Intuitive Eating

6:29 — Awesome Georgie quote: “everyone needs a daily quota of enjoyment”

7:05 — is it ok to want to lose weight?

8:06 — healthy weight gain if you’re under weight

9:20 — Lean habits and “health at every size”

11:04 — How loving your body makes weight loss easier. 

11:31 — if you’ve failed before at dieting… 

12:54 — can maintaining weight loss be easy?

14:38 — why are the core 4 habits so important?

17:27 — how fast can you expect to lose weight with Lean Habits

19:32 — a challenge from Georgie

Lean habits is currently available for presale on Amazon, and will be hitting bookstore shelves on April 7th.

(disclosure —I did received an advance digital copy so I could review it in a timely manner. I am not receiving compensation for writing this review and the opinions above are my own, the link to amazon is NOT an affiliate link.)

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