The “next best thing” in fitness and nutrition:

Diet books are a multi billion-dollar industry.

Not because they work…. No, not at all. If they worked we’d never need to buy more diet books. The industry is booming because these books promise to have the missing piece to the weight loss puzzle yet fail to deliver.

How many books promise to have the one “secret ingredient” to nutrition success? How many books tell you that if you just get this one thing right that you will be happy and free forever from your struggle?

These books not only feed us with disordered thinking about food, but they also train us to believe there is a simple solution or “one weird trick” out there that we just haven’t found yet.

The right combination of foods

The perfect meal plan

That superfood you knew nothing about

Those awful things to avoid

We keep reading and we keep searching for that key that will unlock the best version of ourselves or “fix” our broken selves.

We keep reading because we don’t believe we are good enough.

We keep reading because we are afraid to trust ourselves, giving our power away to an unknown guru because it feels safer than trusting ourselves.  

The next time you hit up amazon for the latest diet book, first consider this: if you avoid the next three diet books that you would have bought, you could actually buy a cute pair of fall boots instead.

Then consider this:

  1. There is no magical key to the best version of you. There’s no missing link, no secret you don’t already know, no formula they haven’t told you.
  2. You’re already pretty awesome now. There is nothing broken about you.
  3. The best version of you is built on your habits and continuing to take “imperfect action”. You already know what the best version of you would do, and you can start practicing that. You don’t need a diet book to tell you how to do that.

It’s really not about finding that right diet. It’s about loving yourself enough to know that who you are right now is not broken and doesn’t need fixing. It’s about trusting yourself enough to give yourself complete control over your own progress and your own journey.

Because the truth is, you are the expert on you…and no one else can be better at that.

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