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Do you believe in Love at first sight?

No? Then keep reading, because you + me = meant to be!

You are: A successful, determined person who is trying to figure out why fitness and eating well seems harder than everything else you’ve put your mind to and accomplished.
I am: a nutrition and fitness coach, motivation hacker, breaker of self-imposed barriers, and fitness results troubleshooter.

You are: Done with restrictive diets, miserable starvation fads, and confusing conflicting nutrition advice.
I am: a master’s degree qualified nutritionist who used to believed a lot of the hype out there. A graduate education in nutrition cured me of that. Now my goal is to teach simple, pure nutritional truth, no fads or hype needed.  

You are: Ready look and feel your best. To feel energized, strong, and confident in your body.
I am: Your advocate for loving, nourishing, and honoring your body so that your best self can shine through.  

You are looking for: a personalized path to your fitness goals. Something that fits with your life, gets results, and makes you feel awesome in the process.
I provide coaching, support, and a personalized approach to food and fitness, for over 5 years to hundreds of people, just like you, who are on the brink of a fitness breakthrough…

People like Amber:

“I’ve Lost More than 40 Pounds”

After my second daughter was born, I was struggling to lost the weight I had gained during the pregnancy. Working with Ashley helped me lose more than 40 pounds, even with a busy work schedule that required a lot of travel. I am now within a pound of my high school weight!

– Amber, mother of 2, dance instructor

youtrition client review by amber
youtrition client review by amber

And Brynna:

“From Size 12 to Size 4 in Less Than a Year!”

“Actually being successful at something day after day and being like ‘hey, I can do this‘ ‘hey, I’m actually following through. I can count on myself.‘ Thats really empowering.”

– Brynna, mom of 5 and all around superwoman

And you could be next…  

You do what you do best and I help you look and feel your best while doing it.

Life is busy. You work full time… raise a family… run your own business… you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to eat well, cook healthy food, and get a good workout in. That’s why Youtrition is dedicated to making food and fitness accessible to busy, dedicated individuals.


Diets don’t work… you do!

~ I don’t believe in dieting, extremes, or fads – You don’t have to cut out food groups or go to extremes to get healthy and fit. A healthy balanced approach to nutrition is one that leads to permanent, enjoyable changes, rather than unsustainable quick fixes.

~ I believe in finding balance – your food and fitness should complement your life, not take over your life. It’s ok that you have priorities other than meal prepping and going to the gym. Most people do. You can still reach your goals.

~ I believe in loving your body unconditionally – It’s so tempting to think that we will be happy, loved, accepted, comfortable once we reach a certain jeans size, look good in a bikini, or reach that illusive number on the scale. But the truth is, happiness, self-acceptance, and self love are mutually exclusive of how our body looks and loving our bodies first makes wanting to take care of it much easier.

~ I believe in the power of movement and exercise – not as a means of “burning calories” but as a means of helping you feel accomplished, feel like a rockstar, and wanting to fuel your body better so that you can continue to move better.

~ I believe that everyone has the potential for incredible, breathtaking success in health and fitness. No matter how many past attempts or false starts, no matter how far you have to go.

I believe in you.

“This Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself”

I used to overeat all the time, and was really unaware of what I was eating, when I was eating, and why I was eating. Now I am so much more aware of what I’m eating and why. I was never eating because I was hungry or because I needed to, i just felt like I had to. And now I’m a lot more aware of my body cues and eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full.

I’ve been with a lot of nutritionists and on every single diet known to man, and honestly, working with Ashley is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

– Chelsea, personal trainer and gym owner

I’ve worked so hard in the past and this is surprisingly easy. These are life changing behaviors that will be with me the rest of my life.

– Janna, mother and music teacher

I’ve learned not to give up on myself. – Dora

5 things about me (aka Ashley overshares)

– The first time I remember hating my thighs was sitting on an airplane at 8 years old.

–  I started “watching what I ate” while in junior high school.

– By the time I was 25 I had tried 14 different types of extreme “diets” that all promised me a perfect body (I did some of these more than once too!).

– When I entered graduate school it was to free myself from dieting and finally get healthy and fit without diets.

– Since adopting a healthy fit lifestyle I’ve maintained a healthy weight, had a sweet baby boy, and lost the baby weight plus an additional 10 pounds.  Even while being in the best shape of my life, I know my worth is NOT tied to my body or my size.

Bonus fun fact #6 (because I like to overshare): I am absolutely in LOVE with kettlebell training, and I’m lucky to be mentored by one of the best kettlebell instructors and strength coaches in the industry.


Why am I qualified to talk about fitness and nutrition?

  • I have a Master’s degree in human nutrition, clinical internship experience in medical nutrition therapy, and 5 years of experience coaching clients.
  • I’m an RCK certified kettlebell instructor
  • I’m a busy mom, wife, and nurse. I don’t have all day to plan meals, prepare food, workout for hours. So I know how to get it done FAST.
“I Can’t Believe How Easy This Is!”

I’ve tried many diets in the past but none of them have led to lasting results. In my first two weeks working with Ashley, I dropped nearly 5 pounds. And now, a month into this journey, I am sliding into a pair of pants I couldn’t even squeeze into a month ago. I have more energy, my mood is better, and I haven’t needed caffeine to give me a boost in over a week and a half! The crazy part is – this feels too easy. Now that I realize how much I’m enjoying these changes, I can’t imagine going back!”

– Nick, project manager

youtrition client review by amber
“Lost 25 Pounds and Kept It Off (2 Years and Counting!)”

Before meeting with Ashley I would have a lot of guilt around food. I would eat too much, then starve myself to make up for it, and I was really struggling to lose weight. Since working with Ashley I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds… Ashley really helped me understand what my body needed so I could fuel myself well. Ashley helped me realize that I have the power to choose what I eat. Now I mostly choose foods that nourish me and give me the energy I need for my day and help me feel great. And no matter what I eat, there is no guilt and no need to make up for it later.

– TJ, mother, personal trainer, massage therapist

I feel more confident in all areas of my life. – Chelsea

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