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“I worked at [international weight loss program] for about 3 years when my two oldest kids were little. In all my training and associations with coworkers and members, I never came across this level or quality of support. Powerful.”


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]You’re going on a trip… road trip!  What do you take with you? Your navigator, on your phone, of course, since it’s not 1998.  Your best friend, the one who is as excited about going as you.  Your comfortable travel clothes, a pillow, and a great audiobook. (reading in the car makes you car sick too, huh?) A list of the sights you are dying to see (um the beach?)   Just enough caffeine to make sure you can drive during your turn (or a little bit more…)

 This is group coaching at its finest 

  • Having a coach to help you navigate your journey, so that you know that the direction you are traveling is really towards the destination you are anticipating. 
  • Bringing along travel companions who are wanting to go where you’re going… making the trip a lot more fun. 
  • Making the journey customized and comfortable for you. 
  • Creating the changes that you want to see
  • And participating and joining in to support the group. 

The group dynamic provides a level of support and accountability that no coach, no matter how skilled, can replicate in a one on one setting. If you’re ready for a powerful transformation in your life and fitness, add your name and email address here, and I will let you know before I announce our next group program, so that you can be sure to get in on the awesomeness.

Next coaching group starts January 2016


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