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Everyone’s into kale these days. It’s no wonder… kale a great colorful veggie, and is a nutritional powerhouse with more nutrients per calorie than any other food on the planet! But not everyone loves the taste of kale, and some people have even given up on it.

A friend of mine had told me that she didn’t like raw kale. She didn’t like the bitterness, the texture, the taste… and I can totally understand that! Not many people know how to prepare a proper kale salad.

Kale is a much tougher leafy green than most out there, and there are a couple important tricks to creating a delicious salad out of it: you need to be sure to have a good balance of oil and acidity (vinegar or lemon juice) in order to wilt the raw kale and balance the bitter flavors. This recipe has all of the key ingredients needed for it… in fact, to my kale-hating friend’s surprise, she loved it!

Kale & Avocado Salad

Kale & Avocado Salad


  • 1 head of kale washed & finely chopped (or 3 cups of baby kale)
  • 3 TBSP olive oil
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 1 avocado diced
  • 1 tomato diced
  • 1 cucumber diced
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Mix all ingredients and allow to sit for at least one hour, refrigerated. Add salt & pepper to taste.

What’s really great about this recipe is that the possiblities are endless! Want a more sweet and savory salad? Start with the base of kale, lemon juice, and olive oil, and add nuts, dried fruit, and cheese crumbles. Want other types of veggies in your salad? Feel free to mix and match to your hearts content.

If you’ve tried this recipe, or another raw kale salad recipe that you enjoyed, I would love to hear about your experience. Please feel free to share recipes you love, or your variations on the recipe in the comments section.

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Ashley Palmer
Ashley is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. Ashley loves her son, her husband, and lifting heavy things then putting them back down repeatedly. She is a nutrition, fitness and weight loss coach and blogs at www.youtrition.net.


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