Youtrition Transformation System

The secret for unleashing your healthy, energetic and lean body… without cutting out the foods you love.

Here’s how you can ditch the fads and extreme diets and reach your health and nutrition goals permanently… even if nothing else you’ve tried so far has been successful.


Your family calendar never has a blank spot. Your work day leaves you nearly wiped out on the couch after you get home. You’re trying to start that side business to share your passion with the world. In your fleeting spare time you’re focused on making memories and being with the people you love.

There’s very time little left for you, particularly making sure you are eating well and taking care of yourself.

But deep down, in those few moments of stillness you have to yourself, you know that eating better would improve your life in so many ways.

Give you more energy.

Help you sleep at night.

Help you confidently wear that hip hugging maxi dress.

It doesn’t help that when you start contemplating improving nutrition you find yourself faced with the mass hysteria of nutrition fads screaming at you from every angle: cut out gluten! Go paleo! Avoid carbs! Count macros! Try my overpriced shake!




That’s what’s shouting the loudest right now on the nutrition scene.

And it’s not what works in the long run.

I’m Ashley, a Registered Nurse with a Master’s degree in nutrition, and the founder of Youtrition.

I’ve spent over half a decade helping busy, high achievers like you reach their health and nutrition goals.

My passion for nutrition started with confusion and frustration.

As a weekend-warrior triathlete, I curiously explored how to eat well, only to find all the “experts” conflicted with each other.

As a busy trauma nurse, I loathed that every “nutrition plan” out there wasn’t realistic for my work schedule.

As a woman who struggled with body image for over a decade I found that every attempt to “eat well” increased my obsession with weight and size.

After years of struggle I decided that I couldn’t keep letting food and weight controlled my life. So I committed to learn everything I could about taking better care of ME.

I took the long, exhausting road to understanding nutrition so that you could have a shortcut.

I went back to school where I got my master’s degree in nutrition, studied under experts in nutrition, health, and behavior change. Not only did I heal my relationship with food and get in the best shape of my life, I also started helping others do the same.

I’ve witnessed countless transformations, not just of pants sizes and body fat percentages. But transformations of tastebuds. Of minds. Of confidence.

Through all my education and work with clients, here’s what I’ve discovered: most popular nutrition advice is designed to fail.

You may sign up for a program that provides quick results that lead to breathtaking testimonials and rave reviews – then when they’ve gotten what they want from you (your money, your friends money, and before and after picture) they move on to the next person – while you struggle with hunger, cravings, and weight gain.

When major weight loss companies rely on re-enlistment as their primary goal, you know the industry is focused on the wrong thing.

I want you to succeed permanently – not fail over and over again so you keep signing up for more.

The reasons these programs fail is what I call the “rubber band effect.”

Have a hard time sticking with healthy eating?
Blame it on the rubber band
(yes, really)

I want you to imagine with me a brand new rubber band that’s never been stretched. What would happen if you immediately stretched it as far as possible as quickly as possible? There’s a good chance that rubber band will break and snap back, hitting your fingers.


Now on the other hand, what if we took that same rubber band and slowly stretched it a little bit, day by day?

The same rubber band, in two different scenarios will either break and cause harm, or steadily mold to its desired shape.

Changing your nutrition habits (and shrinking your waistline) is very similar to stretching a rubber band. Drastically overhaul your nutrition and you may find yourself “breaking:” feeling low in energy, getting sick, giving in to massive cravings, overeating, and just plain throwing in the towel. On the other hand, by gradually make positive changes, you will find your body steadily and consistently transforming.

Most food and nutrition programs stretch that rubber band to the limit immediately

Maybe the program involves a strict meal plan that you follow “come hell or high water”

Maybe it restricts your calories to incredibly low levels, sapping your energy and metabolism level.

Maybe it cuts out entire food groups, making daily life unreasonably difficult.

Regardless of the method, these programs all have a few things in common: They expect a 180 degree transformation from how you’re currently eating to their “rules.”

They don’t take into account that you have other priorities – a job, a family, passions and interests, that still need to fit with your lifestyle.

They give you two options: try your best to stretch the rubber band as far and as fast as possible… or fail.

This leaves you feeling frustrated and inadequate – like you just couldn’t cut it. It affects your confidence in other areas of your life. You wonder if you’re broken or flawed because you couldn’t follow their strict rules.

The truth is you didn’t fail. The advice you were given, its extreme rules, it’s inability to work with your life and your needs, failed you.

And I want to see you succeed.

Which is why I created the Youtrition Transformation System:

The only program designed by a nurse and nutrition professional that will give you all the tools you need to reach your nutrition and wellness goals… permanently.

Even if… you can’t imagine fitting one more obligation into your busy day.

Even if… you hate the idea of eating bird food and cutting out foods you love.

Even if… nothing else you’ve tried before has resulted in permanent change.

The Youtrition Transformation System is NOT your average diet:

It’s not a meal plan

It’s not a set of rules to follow

It’s not a list of dos and don’ts

It’s a comprehensive system for overhauling your relationship to food and your daily habits.

With this system you can know exactly what YOU personally need to do to reach your goals.

With this system you can find a fit between conference calls, dirty diapers, car repairs, and the changes you want to make

With this system you can make consistent changes, slowly and gently stretching that “rubber band,” so your weight doesn’t all “snap” back and you can be proud of your lasting results.

… and all this leads to more confidence in yourself and your abilities to succeed at anything you do in life.

Join NOW and start TODAY!

This 100% online program gives you all the tools and resources to create a healthy relationship with food and a lean, energetic body.

4 Weekly Modules

12 step-by-step videos

Printable Worksheets

Healthy Habit Guides

Mindset Resources

Lifetime Access

Plus get these limited time bonus resources if you register today:

  • Master Your Metabolism Workshop – the 5 facts about metabolism you need to know for a healthy, lean, energetic body.

  • The Fat Loss Troubleshooting Workshop – if you feel like you’re doing everything right and nothing is changing, you need this!

  • Understanding Your Unique Nutrition Blueprint Workshop – the 3 step process you can use to figure out exactly what foods to eat more of and which to eat less of for you individually.

  • Healthy Eating During the Holidays Workshop – Get tools for keeping you from going off the rails once the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas cookies hit the scene this year.

  • The End Emotional Eating Workshop -The three steps that will free you from eating your feelings for good.

  • Understanding Moderation Workshop – This workshop will show you what moderation is and isn’t so that you create a truly sustainable healthy lifestyle.

  • The Youtriton Recipe Vault: Over 60 simple, delicious, and ready-to-print recipes for you to feed you and your family well, even if you’re not Martha Stewart.

  • 1 Full Year of access to the Youtrition Transformation System facebook coaching community: Get support, accountability, and inspiration from me personally, and others who are on the same journey as you.

The healthy, lean, nourished body you wish for is closer than you think…

Have you ever looked at a person who seems to effortlessly maintain a healthy body and wonder how they do it?

Sure, they are conscious of what they put in their bodies… but they don’t spend precious time and mental energy stressing about food. They don’t obsess about eating. They don’t spend all day in the kitchen. And they certainly don’t turn down a delicious dessert at a celebration if it is appealing to them.

What’s their secret?

They avoid both restrictive eating and chaotic eating, and become masters of conscious eating.  This is what I mean:

Conscious Eater's Spectrum

On the left side of the graph above is restrictive eating. This is basically anything you might do that controls our eating to a high degree. Counting calories, tracking macros, restricting food groups…. Basically everything that the diet industry tells you that you “should” be doing.

On the far right side of the graph is the opposite – chaotic eating. Eating whatever is available, whenever it is available, with little thought of how it affects our bodies.

Most people yo yo between one extreme or the other.

On the diet: restrictive eating

Off the diet: chaotic eating.

Conscious eating is about creating a lifestyle that makes it natural and easy to eating in a way that serves your body and your life. It’s not overly restrictive. But it’s not haphazard and unpredictable either.

Unfortunately… our society is always pushing us to one extreme or the other.

Restrictive eating is big business. Between shakes, supplements, “detoxes” and “diet” foods, the diet industry makes $60 billion dollars a year.

But that’s small potatoes compared to the $300 billion dollar per year fast food industry and the $100 billion dollar per year junk food industry.

Money talks, and big business wants you to fall for the extremes. Their bottom line depends on it.

There’s never been a program designed to help busy, high achievers become conscious eaters who eschew both extremes… until now.

The Youtrition Transformation System is the ONLY program designed specifically to give you the skills, mindset, and tools, to become a conscious eater, permanently…even with a busy, fast paced life.

Over the years, hundreds of women have become conscious eaters using the Youtrition approach. Here are just a few of them…


Brynna went From a size 12 to a size 2 in under a year by making steady, consistent changes she felt confident she could achieve:

“Actually being successful at something day after day and being like ‘hey, I can do this; hey, I’m actually following through. I can count on myself.’ That’s really empowering.”

Megan says: “It feels good to look in the mirror and like what I see” after ditching extremes and becoming a conscious eater:

“I’ve found that I am becoming stronger and leaner since changing my habits, even though I eat a wide variety of food that includes dessert. As I progressed in my habits, I decided to remove my maternity clothes from my wardrobe. Although I loved wearing my maternity clothes while pregnant and after having my son, I did not feel good wearing them 2 years postpartum.

Since removing my maternity clothes, I have focused on modestly wearing fitted clothes. Wearing these fitted clothes has helped to highlight the changes in my body. I feel that the physical changes are not as important as the internal changes I have made, but it feels good to look in the mirror and like what I see.”


Valerie, who loves baking, ended the battle with her sweet tooth by understanding what was best for her body.

“The most important change I have made with regards to my relationship with food has been to bring mindfulness to what I am eating and to how it makes me feel mentally and physically.

this is certainly not what I would have thought the answer would be after years of struggling with eating sweets in moderation. I always thought that if I just found a new book or a new plan to follow I would finally have my breakthrough….

My outlook on my ability to control myself around treats has done a 180. But there have been physical results, as well.”


Teri Jo Lost 25 pounds of fat while gaining strength and muscle by discovering the power of choice:

“Since working with Ashley I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds and I eat what I want when I want. Ashley really helped me understand what my body needed so I could fuel myself well.

Ashley helped me realize that I have the power to choose what I eat. I now mostly choose foods that nourish me and give me the energy I need for my day and help me feel great. And no matter what I eat, there is no guilt and no need to make up for it later.”


Melissa reached her goal weight, gained energy, and improved her headaches when she stopped following restrictive diet plans:  “I used to make myself eat protein and produce for every meal, and not enjoy one bite. Then I would eat sweets (even sweets I don’t like, just to taste something that I thought would taste better to me than what I was making myself eat).

No wonder I was gaining weight!

Since working with Ashley I have lost 8 pounds! I have no more migraines, I am sleeping and feel so much better! My stomach is flatter, I have more energy and think more clearly.”

This program will give you all the tools you need to transform your nutrition habits and never diet again

  • Have the confidence and peace of mind, knowing you’re doing the right things to reach your goals
  • Increase your energy, feel better in your own skin, and radiate the confidence of someone who keeps her promises to herself.
  • Create a flexible, enjoyable lifestyle that includes nourishing meals, purposeful movement, and your favorite occasional desserts without guilt.

Now – I know what you’re thinking: this program can’t possibly work for EVERYONE can it?

Well, to be honest, it doesn’t.

It won’t work for you if you’re looking for a program that will help you lose 20 pounds before hitting your high school reunion next week. This is a permanent lifestyle change – not a crash diet.

It won’t work for you if you’re sitting around hoping a “magical solution” will save you from having to take an honest look at what’s not working in your current lifestyle. We’re not going to sell you pills, supplements, shakes, or fake promises of “one weird trick.” We’re here to help you change your life, permanently not buy more stuff that won’t actually help you.

It won’t work for you if you want to suffer. You won’t be bragging on facebook about how much you miss chocolate. You won’t be bringing little tupperware containers to your work lunch to show everyone else how “good” you are. If you want those bragging rights at the expense of a sane, healthy relationship with food, this program isn’t for you.

It will only work for people willing to do the work of reinventing their lifestyles in a healthy, sustainable way… and I’m guessing that’s you.

You’re a self starter. A finisher (you’ve read this far, haven’t you?) All you need is a proven system to give you the exact steps of what to do to reach your goals.

Take action on this proven system and you will be amazed at how easy it is to make positive changes.

Even if…

your schedule every day feels PACKED and you have no time for extra obligations. This program fits around your life, it doesn’t overrun it.

you’ve failed at every other program and diet out there. Like I said: it’s the programs that failed, not you.

you have unique nutrition and health care needs. Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on a special diet for medical concerns, this program will help you stick to the recommendations given by your doctor, it won’t contradict them or tell you to do something different.

you aren’t sure if you actually like “healthy” foods. The Youtrition Transformation system creates a healthy lifestyles involving normal foods, eaten in reasonable quantities, not crazy superfoods or unheard of exotic berries.

you don’t have weight to lose. This is a healthy eating program, first and foremost, not a “weight loss” program. Yes, people lose weight, but the main goal is to gain energy, health, and confidence.

One payment. Lifetime access.

Most nutrition companies rely on customer failure for their bottom line. If their customers fail (ie gain the weight back) then they will sign up again, leading to more profit. Our business plan, instead, relies on you getting phenomenal, lasting results, then referring us to your friends. In other words: if you succeed, we succeed.

That’s why we put our money where our mouth is with our 110% money back guarantee.

Use these materials, practice the steps outlined in the program for 90 days and if and don’t find that you are able to develop healthy, long term habits, send us an email to support@youtrition.net and we will refund you the full price of your purchase, plus 10% for your troubles.

Sign up here to get started today!

This is your chance to get the one on one support you need to end the battle with food without the high price tag of individual coaching

Right now, my individual coaching runs from $300- $500 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment. Even if that price fits within your budget, you’d likely be waiting 2-3 months for an opening.

But today, you can get the exact same system that I use with my one on one clients, plus a year of online support, and 6 bonus workshops, for just $49. I priced this affordably to help as many people as possible reach their health and nutrition goals.  

In fact, many people who have used this program have reported saving more than $50 in the first month alone. This happens when they:

Develop a habit of eating out less

Meal plan, avoiding food waste

Avoid late night snacking

Avoid diet “impulse buys” (you know, those snazzy portion control containers, and late night infomercial workout gear you never end up using).

And even if you don’t save an extra $50 in that first month, you’re getting resources that you can use day after day, week after week. The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes, AND the less expensive it is.

Use this program for 30 days, and the program will cost you $2 per day. You’ll get a good feel for some habits, but you’ll definitely want to keep going and doing more.

Use it for a full year, and it will cost you 13 cents per day. At this point you will have mastered many habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Use it for two years, and it will cost you 6 cents per day. At this point you will feel like a healthy lifestyle is second nature to you.

There are no recurring memberships. There are no hidden fees.

Plus a 110% money back guarantee – Go through the entire course, practice the skills taught in there for 90 days – if it is not for you – 110% money back guarantee. If you – go through the course, use the materials, and don’t find that you are able to develop healthy, long term habits, send us an email to support@youtrition.net and we will refund you the full price of your purchase, plus 10% for your troubles.

Join us and get started today!

Youtrition Transformation System FAQ’s:


How much support will I get with this program?

This is a self study, self paced program, it will give you all of the tools you need to be able to independently transform your lifestyle. However, it’s understandable that sometimes you need more support, which is why there are a few options available for additional support. If you join right now, you will have 1 full year access to the facebook group that is moderated by me personally. There you can get help from other people with similar goals who have walked the path you’re walking. And you can get support from me directly as well. If you still need more support, there are options to purchase 1-3 session phone consulting packages with me for a fraction of the price of my recurring coaching sessions.


How much of a time commitment is this program? I have a lot going on right now.

This program does require some time committment on your part. We recommend blocking out 10 minutes per day for 1 month to go through the training videos.  Beyond that, everything else you do is designed to fit with your life, rather than require extra from you, which is what really makes it the best fit for a busy lifestyle.


What if this doesn’t work for me?

I’m confident this will work for you. This system is designed to help you personally address your goals, your struggles and your concerns. So confident that if you go through the system, use the tools and you don’t find yourself on the path to developing better habits. In fact, I’ll let you go through the whole course, use the material for a full 90 days, and if you don’t love it you can get your money back plus an extra 10% for your troubles.


Will there be a meal plan?

Here’s the thing you don’t need to pay me for a meal plan. You can find thousands of free meal plans online and print them out, but you’ll be wasting paper and ink….because most aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Meal plans don’t work – they aren’t sustainable, they don’t provide the choice and flexibility you need for a long term commitment to good nutrition.


Can my friend/sister/cousin/husband use this system with me?

Absolutely! I recommend everyone get an accountability buddy – an accountabilibuddy – on board. However, they will need to purchase their own membership as well. Each login page tracks your progress, and allows our coaches to see how you’re doing, so having multiple users to one account is not an option. Plus, you will both want access to the free year of online coaching that comes with the program.


I’m not sure if this is the right time. Can I purchase this later?

Here’s the thing: the “right time” is a total myth. You have responsibilities, family, work… it never ends. Waiting for your life to “settle down” before you make progress towards your goals will feel like playing one endless game of whackamole – when one part of your life eases up, another will get busy. It’s inevitable. You’ve read 17 pages about this program – chances are this is as good of a time as any. You don’t need a completely clear schedule. Just get started.


What if I have a health condition that changes how I should eat? Can I still use this system?

This program is about creating change. If there are changes you know you need to make based on your medical condition this program will help you make those changes. If you aren’t sure how to eat for your health condition, we recommend speaking with a medical professional, registered dietician, or scheduling a consultation with me directly.


How long will I have access to the program and content?

You will have lifetime access to all of the videos, trainings, and bonuses that come with the Youtrition Transformation System. If you sign up now, you will have 1 full year’s access to the Youtrition Coaching Community.

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